Best Screen Mates

(The Top Two)

Oska and TeeCee are Screen Mate Champions!

They are the biggest, best, coolest and most fun screen mates around!

Hours of fun in a single download!

Most of the screen mates in this directory are limited to about 15 different animation sequences. Some have a small amount of interactivity and a few have sounds. They are fun, but you soon get bored and have to download another. TeeCee and Oska make these look unfinished. In fact, even the cut down demo versions of TeeCee and Oska are bigger and more fun than most "complete" screen mates.

TeeCee and Oska are not small. Far from it! They are big downloads.

  • Fully interactive - play with them as well as laugh at them. You can tickle oska or poke him in the eye if you are feeling mean. There are loads of hot spots where they react to being clicked. This makes them ideal for "showing off" to your friends!
  • Hundreds of animations - TeeCee has more than 100,000 cells of animation!
  • Sounds - fitted perfectly to the animation, they give the characters that extra bit of life.

I will resist the urge to rave about how cool they are for another ten pages. You can easily see for yourself. They both have free demo versions that do not expire or annoy. The only problem is finding them, as the company that produces them stopped trading. But if you search hard enough you may get lucky. If you don't get lucky you can cheer yourself up with some Funny Stuff.

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